Community's Reaction to the Fire in Yackandandah Forest in Campion Descents’ Play Embers

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Campion Descents’ play “Embers” examines the connection between individuals and the community as they react to significant events. The communities’ residents’ reaction to the fire in yackandandah forest, The story of the Blue Duck hotel … and the kangaroo and the story of danny and don … and the horses. Campion uses a wide range of techniques such as repetition, Irony, alliteration and Imagery/onomatopoeia.This is also shown by quotes from Campion’s interview by the abc on the 2003 Victorian bushfires.

The connection of the community and individuals is shown by Campion in The Communities’ residents’ reaction to the fire in yackandandah forest.‘Skinny, Slippery Path’ (pg 41) is the use of alliteration by campion to show how dangerous the experience of a bushfire real is and the things they would have to overcome to be able to save themselves and others they cared about. Campion also uses Repetition ‘Burn me hands because it doesn't work, it doesn't work like it does in the movies.’ (pg 41) this conveys that they done what they need/had to do to save the animals that the cared dearly as her plan did not work according to her plan. An additional example of this would be ‘ Then as that roar got closer you couldn't hear a thing’ (pg 42) this is alliteration, of the word ‘roar’ which show that the fire was very loud and dangerous as it came closer to them in the mineshaft.This shows that no matter how dangerous the situation got the community would do there best to keep
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