Commuting vs Dorming

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Chelsea Clough
Professor Dingle
13 December 2012
Commuting vs. Dorming The hardest decision a student has to make during their senior year of high school is which school to attend and whether to live on campus or commute. There are both advantages and disadvantages to both scenarios. The entire college experience is a learning trip and it is oftentimes a young adults first step towards independence. Living on campus is an adjustment and is a huge eye-opener to the real world. The college dorm life is considered to be part of the "full college experience," but the costs of living in a residence hall can persuade students to remain home while they are in college in order to avoid housing fees. The biggest advantage of
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Since fellow students always surround you, it's a lot easier to make friends and develop lasting relationships. Even if you don't have a roommate, you're sure to meet students who live in your dorm hall. Dorming at school is a great experience that you will never forget. For the rest of your life you can speak of your time where you were a teenager that moved away from home to try something new. The people you meet and the times you will share with them will be with you forever. There are many advantages for living on campus, however, there also many disadvantages too. Constant companionship in your living space can sometimes be a disadvantage, especially in situations when you want privacy. If you are accustomed to living in your own room in your parents’ house and suddenly have to share a room with others, this can take some adjustment time (Bartkowski1). Noise also is huge factor to the disadvantages of living on campus. Dorms can be a noisy place, considering there are many students living there who gather in dorm rooms or the lounge. However, if you need some quiet time to study or do homework, you can always go to the library. Dorming can also be very overwhelming at first. You can easily be distracted by parties or hanging out in the lounge or a friends dorm. Also it makes it more susceptible to leave everything for last minute and realize that you have no time to
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