Comorbidity issues in Eating Disorders Essay

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Comorbidity issues in Eating Disorders If a person visited their doctor and described the following symptoms, what would you determine their diagnosis to be? The woman is in her late teens and for the past six months she has been having problems with eating. When she eats she must cut her food into very tiny pieces; these pieces are then counted and separated into foods that are healthy and those which may not be as healthy on the plate. Once she has separated the foods she will not eat the unhealthy ones and discards them. Next she arranges the food in rows on her plate before beginning to eat. Once eating the food she only allows herself to have 7 bites of each food item so, as not to overindulge herself or stray …show more content…
While these are behaviors that are sometimes present with an eating disorder, just simply the description of this routine does not in itself specify an eating disorder. For diagnosis of anorexia or bulimia there must be an intense fear of gaining weight which is associated with this behavior. This is not necessarily the case with this person. Could the problem be obsessive-compulsive disorder? Counting, checking, ordering and the presence of a strict routine are symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder as well. Obsessions with checking the food, ordering the food and maintaining the routine could be the manifestations of this disorder as well. It is apparent through this example that these two disorders may indeed have some degree of overlap in symptoms and problem behaviors. Eating disorders are complicated mental illnesses, which can manifest themselves in many different areas. While the most obvious manifestations of an eating disorder are problems dealing with maintaining body weight and eating behavior, there are many factors, which underlie these problems with eating behaviors, which are not commonly publicized. There are many behaviors that coincide with these bizarre eating behaviors that also deserve attention. The issue of comorbidity and eating disorders is an important issue to tackle in terms of etiology as well as treatment. When an eating disorder co-occurs with another mental disorder the way in which treatment may be
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