Comp II Reflection

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I have always tried my hardest in school, trying my best to make my parents proud of me. Have there been time when I could have tried harder? Absolutely. There have been many times where I have found myself slipping in my schoolwork, and I have always caught myself. There is one time in particular of my junior year that I won't soon forget. It was the beginning of what was looking to be a long week. It was supposed to be outrageously cold, I had a full weekend of work to look forward too, and I had a big paper due in my Comp II class. Now, this paper was different because instead of being in our Comp II class all week like we were accustomed too, we would be on our own in the library while we individually went to speak with our teacher about how we were doing. During first semester, I had really liked the week on our own, but this week was going to throw a curve on me that I didn’t expect. On Monday, everything was fine. I had my meeting in Comp II where I showed my teacher the rough draft of the essay that was due that Friday. I was so excited to show her and together we went through the paper and she showed me the things I needed to add and improve. I left the meeting excited to fix the paper and make it…show more content…
It’s important to separate your personal problems with your professional ones so you can do what needs to be done. This can be applied to being a leader, to helping others, and to helping yourself. Everyone goes through tough things in life, some more difficult than others. It takes a truly strong person and leader to be able to leave certain things enable to become the leader and professional person they need to be. Unfortunately, I was unable to leave my personal mess at home and couldn’t bring myself to focus on the school work that was in front of me. Since then, I try to bring myself to do what needs to be done, even if there are things that are distracting
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