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Comp & lit II
Essay 1 In the short story “the Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin and the short story “blue + yellow” by Chris Killen compare in many ways. These two stories use the same literary device strongly such as imagery. Imagery is a literary device in which the author uses words and phrases to paint a picture in the readers head throughout the story. These two short stories are written with very descriptive language to help paint a picture of the occurrences in the story and describe a scene. These two stories also contrast in many ways such as the way they use symbolism as well as the relationships between the characters in both stories. The two short stories compare in the use of the literary devices imagery
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These are both examples of how imagery is used in this short story. In “blue + yellow” imagery is also used to describe how Clair is acting in the scene where she is looking at the picture being painted by George. Clair believes the picture is of her, and the author uses very descriptive language to give the reader an image in their head about what Clair sees, for example “She looks at her own hand, turns it in the light, and bends her fingers into the same position”(Chris Killen P105). The author just like in “the story of an hour” is using imagery to make it clear how Clair is reacting to what she is experiencing with her loved one just as Mrs. Mallard was. These two stories are similar in the way the authors use imagery to express one of the characters love for their significant other in the story. The two short stories share one similar theme, and contrast in others. The theme these two stories can compare is how the women, Mrs. Mallard and Clair feel about their loved ones and the relationship problems they face. The unsteady relationship becomes apparent when Mrs. Mallard expresses that she feels a sense of freedom when she hears of her husband’s death, which is odd for any marriage unless there is a sense of unhappiness within the relationship. Learning Mrs. Mallard feels free after her husband’s death makes the reader believe she was in an unhealthy

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