Compairson Between the Inca Government and American Government

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The ancient Inca government and the government of the United States of America have some things in common; while at the same time both very different. The powers possessed by the Inca monarch are similar to those of the U.S. government. However, Inca punishments for criminals are very different from American punishments for criminals. The Inca government had a very strong structure, which enabled it to last for hundreds of years. One major distinction between the two governments though, is that the Inca government was invaded about two hundred years before the U.S. government was founded.
The powers possessed by the Inca monarch are similar to those that are exercised by the entire U.S. government. The Inca monarch had complete control
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This was all made possible by strong centralized control over sources of raw material and labor, through the office of the vizier.
In order to more efficiently run the nation, some responsibilities had to be decentralized, placing authority in the hands of local nobles and governors. Some were too tempted by the thought of holding power, and began to break away from the royal government at Memphis up in the Delta. Others, like Qar, who served in the 6th Dynasty under King Merenra, recalled that he "sailed upstream to the nome of Edfu as sole companion, nomarch, overseer of Upper Egyptian barley and overseer of prophets, because I was capable and appreciated in the esteem of his Majesty. I came to be accorded the office of lord of every leader of all Upper Egypt…I gave bread to the hungry and clothing to the one who went naked in this nome…It was I who buried every name in this nome who had no heir, with linen drawn from my own property." Qar was later deified and a cult for him grew.
After the First Intermediate Period, authority was not given to important regional families, but capable members of the middle class were appointed to offices, creating a devoted class of civil servants. The capital was also moved away from the Delta, to Lisht, in Middle Egypt.
The autobiographical text of Vizier Ankhu of the 13th Dynasty refers to other family members who served as vizier, and indicates that the office was passed from father to son.

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