Companies Are Adopting Business Intelligence System Within Their Organizations

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Companies are adopting business intelligence system within their organizations because by using the system reports they can gain the advantages of understanding their internal strength and weaknesses to face external competitors and challenges to increase profits and reduce cost on their everyday operations and processes.

(b) One quoted advantage of implementing a Business Intelligence systems is the concept of a ‘single version of the truth’ Explain what this refers to?

‘Single version of Truth” quoted in advantage of implementing Business Intelligence Systems means be referring to how accurate the information being pull out from the system as reports. As long as the reports are from one source, and retrieved by a defined time,
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Implementation with low granularity is having a large data which is difficult to re-use in another context.

So, whether the implementation of high or low granularity, it usually depends on the nature of the organization and the organization management level decision, whichever suite them best.

(c) What are the perceived limitation of the star schema model? How did SAP’s extended star schema model address these issues?

The perceived limitations of the star schema model are as below: 1. No structured drill-downs can be created 2. Only characteristics of the dimension tables can be used to access tables 3. Support for many languages is difficults 4. There is no link to languages description for attributes of dimensions tables 5. Secondary indexes to the data are stored as alphanumeric fields in large table making data access more difficult. 6. If attributes of the dimensionschange over time, there is no way to maintain both the old abd the new values for the attribute. 7. Master data common across business processes must be duplicated in each star schema. 8. Hierarchy relationship of the data must be modeled as attributes of a dimension.

SAP extended star schema model
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