Companies Don 't Understand China, Says Kpmg

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This essay will mainly talk about an article taken from The Australian titled, “Companies don’t understand China, says KPMG”. The main challenge faced by Australia in doing business with China is the cultural barrier, particularly the language difference. Additionally, Australia also has limited experience with and information on Chinese business customs, in comparison with other countries. Besides analysing the issues highlighted in the article, factors that also led to these issues will also be discussed. This essay will link some relevant theories learned from International Management subjects, such as Cross-Cultural Communications, Managing across Culture, and Conflicts of Cross-Cultural Communications. Strategies such as learning Chinese language and culture, joining the KPMG China Confidence program and increasing awareness of the ways China prefers to conduct business will also be discussed. In the last section of this essay, conclusion will be given.

China has one of world’s largest populations and, in the last few decades, the world’s fastest economic growth. Large numbers of other major Western countries compete to invest and collaborate with China. However, due to the cultural differences and language barriers between Eastern and Western countries, issues often arise and can lead to conflicts if cautionary steps are not taken. This essay will discuss some issues, causing factors, theories and strategies related to an article taken from

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