Companies Everywhere Have Their Own Culture But Each Of

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Companies everywhere have their own culture but each of them have a culture which makes them unique and different from other organization. Our focus for this paper is Publix and its culture. According to Tkaczyk (2016), Publix culture is different from others and that being, it attracts more customers because can see they have a clan type structure in their work place. Clan organization are very family like and also friendly. Publix is also very strict about customer satisfaction. They try to make their customers happy not only one time but every time they walk into the store.
To pass on their kindness to others Publix also like to give back to those who are in need. According to Valverde (2015) “Publix supermarket donated 1.5 million …show more content…

Publix is a company that is constantly growing and this help them stay in business.
Publix Norms/ Cooperate values
What does Publix stand for? Each company has their mission, vision and their core values. Their mission statement “is to build on a commitment to provide value to customers, stallholders and employees” (Farfan, 2016, p.1). Their values is all about customers and their employees by keeping the customers happy and motivating their employees, they believe they will fulfill their organizational goals and also be able to keep growing their company. Publix stands for growth and developments.
Teams and employee empowerment
There are many ways that a company can empower their employees. Motivating employees is one of the key things an employer can do to help better their performance. The first thing is to give people extrinsic motivation which is something like money and rewards. The most motivational tools and the once that perform the best at the job are the ones that are intrinsically motivated. It means when you are able and willing to do your job right.
According to Tkaczyk (2016), there are three ways that Publix employers empowers the employees. The way Publix operates is employees own the company. “After one year on the job, associates, who works 1000 or more hours are awarded stock valued at an average of 10% of their compensation”(Tkaczyk, 2016, pg. 1). This

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