Companies Implementing Zero Waste

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Companies Implementing Zero Waste Walmart is a company that has started implementing the Zero Waste program. Walmart’s goal is to one day no longer have dumpsters behind their stores and clubs, and to reach that goal Walmart is motivating their associates and suppliers around the world to find a solutions to excess food and develop ways to turn waste into revenue. On Walmart’s website they stated, “In 2011, Walmart has reduced waste in our U.S. operations by more than 80 percent, returning more than $231 million to the business last year. The reduction, which brings Walmart closer to our goal to create zero waste, has the potential to prevent 11.8 million metric tons of CO2 emissions annually ("Walmart Corporate - Walmart's goal is to…show more content…
Mountain Rose Herb’s seems to be a very environmentally friendly company. They use organic materials for their products and are always working on sustainability projects to help better the economy as well as their business. At many DuPont facilities they decided that they were going to recycle all waste and send nothing to landfills. DuPont Building Innovations is known for making countertops and Tyvek building wrap. DuPont is has cut down the annual amount of waste it sends to landfills from 81 million pounds to zero in just three years. They achieved this goal by turning cafeteria waste into energy or compost that’s used for landscaping, repairing the shipping pallets to make animal bedding or shredding the shipping pallets into chips, and scrap pieces of Corian are recycled into new countertops or used as landscape stone. One of DuPont’s colleagues said, “It’s not easy to get there, it required re-engineering and rethinking of how to manage waste. DuPont uses multiple bins rather than fine employees for
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