Companies Must Mentor Relationships and Manage Conflicts Essay

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Managing conflict and how it will undoubtingly affect the long-term success of your career. Understanding the five areas of the mentoring relationship becomes vital for all employees when effectively managing conflict. The next competency of leveraging diversity is just as important as being able to manage conflict. In leveraging diversity one must “foster an inclusive workplace where diversity and individual differences are valued and leveraged to achieve the vision and mission of the organization”. With the differences in race/ethnicity, gender, generation, and sexual preferences also come issues that affect performance. This has been verified by the current performance of the department. This is the reason why leveraging diversity is …show more content…

As a mentor, you pass on valuable skills, knowledge and insights to your mentee to help them develop their career. This also helps you build on the leadership competencies that have been described. Similarly, as a mentee you must take in the skill and knowledge passed on by your mentor to improve your performance, reputation and credibility, relationships, visibility, and ability to manage conflict. The development process is a benefit for both parties and even external beneficiaries of the mentoring relationship if administered properly. The final competency in leading people is team building. Team building is used to “inspire and foster team commitment, spirit, pride, facilitates cooperation, and motivates team members to accomplish group goals”. A great way to build “morale and camaraderie in your company is to employ team-building activities and concepts with your employees”. This is the end goal of the mentoring relationships and should bring individuals closer in learning how to work together for the success of the company. Building a productive team helps improve the performance of all individuals with the company. An effective team also translates into less conflicts within the organization which in turn helps relationships grow and validates the credibility of the organization both internally and externally. Recommendation: Recognizing the need for a mentorship program Most mentorship

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