Companie´s Negligence Regarding Technology Breeches

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Companies Negligence
Advanced technology has infringed on the consumers’ privacy because of companies’ negligence. Why are companies breaking silence on being hacked (Perlroth, 2013)? And if there is advanced technology to protect consumers, why are companies not implementing it? There should be more regulations to increase consumers’ protection. Companies’ negligence should not be excused because there is advanced technology that can protect their client’s information; their negligence allowed convenient access to hackers, so they should be punished. The Fortune 500 Companies are being hacked, and hackers have stolen consumers’ information but most companies do not notify the public because they are interested in protecting their image rather than their customers’ information.
If the government gets involved and tries to regulate the information exchange safety and enforce the informing the public about the hackers malware, consumers can save their information sooner by immediate actions, they can reconcile their accounts and make the proper defense to protect their bank accounts. For example, the government can enforce the companies to work with high tech firms like Irvine tech firm Cylance Inc. that is focused on creating an artificial intelligence system that can predict and block hackers’ future threats (Dave, 2013). So companies must work with high tech firms to keep customers’ information safe.
The issue is that there is a continuous negligence on the part of

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