Companies Private Policies : A Legal Document Essay

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Companies private policies.
A privacy policy can be defined as a legal document contained in a privacy law which outlines how the company should obtain, use and how it should manage the client’s date. This is mainly done to protect the customer’s privacy and ensuring that their confidential details are not exposed to the public or other people with or without malicious reasons. Any data or material that can be used categorically to identify a person is termed as personal information. Personal information includes; names, date of birth, marital status, financial record, medical history. It is obvious that businesses like banks or mobile providers must obtain personal data of their clients. In this circumstance, there is laws and statement that declares how this information should be collected, how the information should be managed and who and when the information should be released to other parties.
The contents of a privacy policy vary depending on the laws of the land and how they are applied. Some nations have set up laws and guidelines of how the collected personal data should be managed. For instance, privacy laws in Europe cover all businesses including the government and private operations.
Privacy policy started to matter with the introduction of the new technology which could transmit people’s data through the internet. This made the Council of Europe carry out a study on how technology altered or interfered with human rights. This was as early as the year 1968. In
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