Companies and Noble Purpose

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Does a company need a noble purpose to be successful in the long run? In my opinion yes. There are many factors that plan in on whether a company will be successful or not, but having a noble purpose, I believe is the most important of all of them. Without a company having a noble purpose many things can happen, employees quit, lose customers, leaders may start heading down an un-ethical path. A company having a purpose can prevent many of these possibilities from happening. When a company does not have a noble purpose they are risking their employee’s quitting. Employees have to feel they have a purpose for working for a company, and with that purpose they want to feel that it is a good purpose, and good goals that they are working…show more content…
Lexus wants to make a car that will run a lifetime, and will cause minimal problems, and run like that Aston Martin you cannot afford. Lexus also strives on wonderful customer service. They want the best for their customers and will strive for full and complete customer satisfaction. Walmart is the perfect example of altruism. Their main purpose is to make goods available and affordable to everyone no matter what their income is. They want to serve others in any way possible. They never have sales, or produce coupons because their prices are already so low. They also strive on perfect customer service, which is very important in that industry. Lastly is heroism in the company, which is staying strong and aggressive. General Motors would be a great example of this. They had some problems in the past with not just the company but there products, but there main goal was to not shut down completely but to turn their company around and stay strong and move forward and see what they need to change. That is exactly what they did, now today they are building up there company not just their reputation but also their products. They are working harder than ever to get back to what they used to be known as, and back to the purpose they first had when they first opened there company. A company must express all of these points in order to succeed in the long run. If they do not they have a higher risk

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