Companion Animals Can Be Man 's Best Friend, Right? Essay

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Companion animals can be man’s best friend, right? Yes of course, but what does one do when if something tragic happens to your companion animal? While companion animals are there, they can provide love, support, and can also be therapeutic. Like everything there can be a downside to this. You face a risk of tragedy with everything in life. The repercussions of losing a companion animal can vary from something minor such as sadness or severe as mental illness to physical illness. Some individuals would argue that losing one of man’s best friends makes that happiness seem like a short end deal. That however, is not the case at all!
As Walsh informs us animal companionship is extremely important and nothing new to us humans.

Ancient peoples valued the profound connections between humans and animals. In recent years, increasing research evidence confirms the physiological, psychological, and social benefits of interactions with animals and the therapeutic potential of animal-assisted programs in a wide range of settings. Yet the field of mental health has been slow to recognize the importance of these bonds in clinical theory, research,and practice (qtd. In Walsh 462-463). Companion animals can help with numerous different conditions. They provide help with depression, anxiety, blood pressure, schizophrenia, pet can elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain and help (Schultz) with high stress levels. Even though companion animals may die before the owner, while
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