Company Acquisition Case Study: General Mills Acquires Yoki

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Company Acquisition Company Acquisition Introduction Multinationals have existed since the 17th century with European based companies such as British East India Company. These corporations have acknowledged as main agents of civilizations especially during the colonization era. In more recent times of globalization, these multinational organizations have been herald as being instruments for improving global relations through commercial engagements. However, what exactly are multinationals? Multinationals are business entities with presence and operations in more than one country. These operations outside their home countries is always channeled and achieved through mergers, acquisitions, and collaborations. It is estimated that multinationals globally are responsible for sales totaling $7.1 trillion and 28.3 percent of the world's GDP. To ensure that the operations of multinationals are checked and standardized, there are a number of institutions set up and these are The World Trade Organization (WTO), The World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). General Mills acquires Brazilian firm, Yoki According to Best (just-food, 24th May 2012) General Mills presence in Brazil has had mixed results. It has stalled in its past production of bread and pasta. However, the statement by the General Mills' Chief Operations Officer (COO), Chris O'Leary, is full of optimism. He gives their main strategy as strengthening the strong brands held by Yoki, the firm they are

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