Company Analysis From An Employee Perspective Essay

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Company Analysis from an Employee Perspective Introduction This is the report about Old Chang Kee Ltd. The objective of this report is to analyze this company base on their performance and historical development of the company financial ratio for the years 2013 to 2015. Meanwhile, also analyze it from the income statement and the balance sheet of the Old Chang Kee Ltd as an imagery employee. From the view of employee perspective, find out the reason behind this company as it grows rapidly. And become a successful enterprise. Background Old Chang Kee Ltd is a snack food chain company in Singapore, there are specialized in curry puffs and other type of local snacks, for example, like spring rolls, carrot cake and chicken nuggets, etc. Old Chang Kee beginning its business in 1956, when it started with a small stall in the coffee shop located near outside the Rex cinema along McKenzie road. People from different parts of Singapore would travel to this stall to taste the delicious crescent-shape pastry filled with full of curry, chicken meat, potatoes and slices of egg. All fried with specially selected spices and herbs. Which is well known as curry puff. Each single piece of curry puff is handmade and sealed to lock the aroma within the curry puff. Since 1986, when Han Keen Juan takes over the small stall, the business of Old Chang Kee has been changed. He decided to transform Old Chang Kee into a successful business entity. And now, they have run a total
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