Company Analysis : Hilton Hotel And Resorts

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Company Analysis: Hilton Hotel and Resorts

Globalization and advances in technology have made it more competitive for businesses in the international environment than ever before. As such the global environment accommodates all the factors operating on a cross-cultural, transactional, and border level impacting on an organization’s business. Organizations conduct an environmental scanning and risk analysis to determine areas that need improvement to increase their competitiveness. Environmental scanning involves the acquisition and utilization of information about the relationships, trends, and events in the external environment of an organization as well as give management the knowledge to plan for the organization’s future.
Environmental Scan and Risk Analysis
Environmental scanning is done through searching, enacting, conditioned viewing, and undirected viewing whereby the characteristic information needs, information use behaviors, and information seeking is conducted. Further, environmental scanning is conducted internally by scanning factors, such as infrastructure, abilities, company structure, and personnel and externally through factors, such as marketing trends, government actions, demographics, and economy. It allows organizations to gather crucial information for strategic business plans for future operations. Therefore, the findings for the environmental scans and risk analysis offer a basic foundation for issues, which an organization should…

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