Company Analysis : Hmt Electric

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Currently, the construction industry in Southern California is booming. However, this positive trend is not going to last forever as we’ve previously seen during the 2008 economic meltdown. Given this, analyzing the value chain and determining activities in need of an overhaul may help to allow HMT Electric to continue growing even through any upcoming economic downturn. I work for HMT Electric, a 10-year-old electrical contractor in San Diego, California. As the company hits its 10-year milestone, the executives are beginning to examine areas of the value chain that could contribute to becoming a more competitive company through a few tweaks. It was just about 1 year ago that HMT Electric began applying any focus whatsoever to its value…show more content…
The executives quickly realized that these tasks needed to be broken up and delegated to various individuals throughout the warehouse department. After this minor adjustment and some basic training, the department ran significantly more efficient ultimately saving the company money on labor, material, and material handling as this is now being managed by one person with that sole responsibility. This adjustment took only a few weeks to implement with very little added expense but managed to produce a significant return for the minor investment made. The Operations activity is best defined as the in-field operations and services provided by electricians and in-field crews. The operations activity is one in which the company is always working to develop new motivational tactics and installation techniques to improve efficiencies in the field. Ultimately, this is the single activity with the most contribution to the value chain. If the field crews and field installations lose efficiency, it has a direct negative impact to the rest of the value chain. Hence the reason why this is the area that the company spends much of their resources working to improve. The Outbound Logistics activity is made up of the project management group. The project managers are responsible for making sure that schedules are made to maintain an appropriate drive in efficiency, manage project budgets, and
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