Company Analysis : Loblaw Companies Limited

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1.0 Introduction Loblaw Companies Limited is the leader of Canada’s food and pharmacy, their independently-operated stores, food and household products as well as pharmacies can be found in every Canadian’s neighborhoods. Loblaw used to save store and vendor information in different types of Legacy systems, for example, the vendors’ sales data is stored in the system called Bi-query, and the vendor stores payment records can be found in Customer Information Control System (CICS). However, given the size and complexity of Loblaw, it is hard to remain competitive without a system that can integrate information from all business areas and provide real-time information updates of critical information so that an entire enterprise may function as one. Therefore, Loblaw starts to transfer store and vendor data from Legacy systems, into a more efficient and powerful system called SAP. Legacy system is the general designation of all the system Loblaw used before adopting SAP. Each Legacy system has its own database so that different departments in Loblaw are using different Legacy system to upload and maintain the data they are using. One of the most commonly used Legacy is CICS, which allows employees to upload and maintain transaction and payment document at Loblaw. Whereas, SAP is an enterprise resource planning software that integrates a company’s core business function in a seamless and efficient manner. It also links function through a central database in order to
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