Company Analysis : Lubrik Construction Company

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Established in October 2007, Lubrik Construction Company Ltd. (LCC) is a Nigerian private limited liability construction company, specialized in design, building and developing of infrastructure and other civil works. I am currently working as the head of Accounting & Finance department and the Import & Clearing Manager. LCC is based in Port Harcourt, south Nigeria but operates on a national level, with more than 1500 employees, managed by a team of multinational experts from over than 20 nationalities.
LCC is a fast growing organisation, five years after its establishment it became a leading contractor in southern Nigeria. The focus of the top management is to always deliver the best quality with reasonable prices, and this strategy reflects in the slogan of the company: “Build Stronger, Last Longer”.
The mission of the company is to become “the most value-creating construction company in Nigeria and abroad; to ensure high quality for the clients; to build structures and infrastructures that create links from country to country, city to city, and village to village”. From the satisfying features about LCC, is that the top management team is passionate for leading the company toward the accomplishment of the set mission, and they have so far succeeded. After gaining an impressive reputation for delivering successful projects for the public sector, the organisation’s vision is now toward expanding its business with the private sector, which already started in 2013 with some…
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