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Public limited company: a public limited company is under the united kingdom low, which is can be sold and trade the company shares. A public limited company don’t need to loan in the bank, because this type company can financing in the public market, and then can development the company. More importantly, the public limited company need to provide account financial statement to the all of hold these company shares individuals, to prove the company development trend is better, this way can help the investor to make the best decision of the organization.

Partnership: partnership is between individuals or between company to achieve the largest level cooperation relations. It can be share the resources and interests of the long term
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It was built in 1943. Nowadays it is the world 's largest furniture retailer, recognised for its Scandinavian style. The most of IKEA 's furniture is flat-pack, ready to be assembled by the consumer. This allows a decrease in costs and casing. IKEA carries a range of 9,500 products, consist of home furniture and accessories. This extensive range is useful.

Since it was built IKEA has always had concern for people and the environment. The IKEA view to create a great everyday life for the many individuals puts this involve at the heart of the business. IKEA has responded to the public 's ascending involve in persistence in its choice of product range, suppliers, stores and communication. It has also speckled business latent in providing sustainable solutions. IKEA 's involve in people and the environment encourages it to make better use of both raw materials and energy. This keeps costs fall and helps the company to attain its green targets and have an overall good impact on the environment.

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The overall objective of inter IKEA group is to secure successive and improvement and a long life of the IKEA idea. That will
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