Company Analysis Report : Automotive Industry

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Company Analysis Report Assignment: Automotive Industry Ford The automotive industry includes all companies and organizations that contributed in the design, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of a wide variety of motor vehicles. Many global vehicles and auto part manufacturers are home to the United States. Besides, the automotive sector in United States globally is one of the largest economic sectors by revenue. Looking back at the automotive industry trends in 2015, it seemed that most automotive companies and organizations are enjoying a strong growth and profitability, peaking at historical level in the U.S. market. In the United States alone, more than 17 million vehicles have been sold last year. (WSJ, 2016) This year, the automotive industry continues to strive up until now. However, there are questions arising on whether the market is going to continue to grow in near future. The main reasons for the growth of automotive industry in 2015 were the cheap gasoline price, the low auto interest rate, and the strength of dollar. Throughout 2015, many vehicles are purchased because people are now able to afford to drive a car with the falling price of gasoline. Even though the price of gasoline is not spurring high right now, but it has definitely increased a little since last year. Ford Motor Company is an automaker that sells automobiles and commercial vehicles under the Ford Brand and most luxury cars under the Lincoln Brand. The price of gasoline offers both huge
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