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1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Company name: Salam Oil & Gas Company Address: 36 SEWELLS CLOSE CHAFFORD HUNDRED, GRAYS UK Phone Number: +447438400623 Salam Oil & Gas Company is an independent marketer in Oil and Gas Business, This is a business plan on a mere context of entering the oil and gas business in Nigeria and every business like investing in oil and gas start-up need a fore planning on how the business is going to survive in a country where the politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats put almost all their investment due to the fact that, Nigeria is one of the biggest oil producing nation in the world with a very huge oil deposits around the South –South, South-East and South-West of the region. Millions of cars…show more content…
Diesel (also called AGO–automotive gas oil) c. Kerosene (also called paraffin or DPK—dual-purpose kerosene) d. Cooking gas (also called LPG—liquefied petroleum gas). Price pre liter (naira nigeria currency) Petrol--- N97 = 0.43pounds Diesel--- N160 =0.6pounds Kerosene--- N120 = 0.42pounds Gas--- based on cylinder Place Lagos, Nigeria (Round About) Promotion Flyers Media (all sources) Promotion sessions Sign Board We have estimated that 190 million naira (666,666 pounds), we expect to get a double from what we have invested. Industry analysis - We obtained the direct distribution pattern where our customers could get our products directly from our stall and we use employees regulated selling and customer regulated selling as our distribution pattern. 2.0 VISION AND MISSION STATEMENT 2.1 Vision To become world renowned Energy Company. 2.2 Mission Our company strives for operating responsibly, supplementing our customer needs, executing with excellence, applying innovative technologies, capturing green environment, advancing on profitable growth. 2.3 What Makes Our Business Unique In the history of Nigeria, there is no Oil and Gas Station or Companies that ever strengthen their borders in letting customer regulate the pump on their own, it is only seen in the most developed countries but as for the plans of Salam Oil and Gas company, we shall be emphasizing on

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