Company Analysis : Tesla Motors

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Opportunities Although Tesla Motors product line could be considered a niche market they have plenty of opportunities to expand their product line globally, (Thompson et al., 2016). The firm’s vision outlines that they plan to expand their product line to promote growth and drive down the cost of their automobiles. Another important opportunity would be many countries are developing strong regulations that favor electric cars and the market is constantly growing due to increased fuel costs. Again Tesla Motors has developed key partnerships with automobile manufacturer that assist its operations. Threats Although it may be true that Tesla Motors cultivated a strong relationship with other manufacturers it still has strong competition among other manufacturers and nothing prevents them from entering the electric car market, (Thompson et al., 2016). Additional government restrictions would give competitors more incentive to develop or expand their current product line. Also, advancements in technology will make it more affordable for competitors to enter the market. Moreover, if the cost of oil continues to decrease than this could be a serious concern for the automaker. SWOT Review In the final analysis, Tesla Motors is ahead of the curve many countries have established legislation that has been restrictive to automotive manufacturers, but this will also encourage other automakers to enter the market or expand their current product lines. The biggest obstacles the

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