Company Analysis : The Coca Cola Company

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Introduction In this document I will be explaining what the company Coca Cola is about and why it is a blue chip company but first you must know what a blue chip company is right. Well a blue chip company is a company that is doing well financially despite what is happening within the economy they will be doing well. This is why blue chip companies usually sell high quality products that are known throughout the world as selling high quality products keeps them in business which is why me and my partner have chosen Coca Cola as our company of choice to research. “The Coca-Cola Company is the largest beverage company in the world. It is also the largest manufacturer, marketer and distributor of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and…show more content…
There was competition between Pepsi and Coca Cola when the World Cup in 2006 became so popular. Pepsi had a lot of players who emerged to be the best players in the world like David Beckham, Ronaldinho or Thierry Henry, the starts at the World Cup at the time. Coca Cola had a contract with Wayne Rooney to advertise their next version of Coca Cola back in 2010. Coca Cola knew that the players could be an inspiration towards children who inspire to be athletes in the future. Also they use information to outsmart their rival companies within the market like for instance Pepsi. Pepsi and Coca Cola have been competing for years now and a lot of people don’t k now which one is better to use. A lot of complaints from customers are that Coca Cola apparently use the sources from poor countries to make their sources from. Countries like Israel complaints towards Coca Cola and Pepsi on the amount of sources they use and the amount of money they give to the country. Coca Cola’s Objectives The world is changing surrounding us. To keep on flourishing as a business throughout the following 10 years and past we must look ahead. Understanding the patterns and drives that will shape our business later on and moving quickly will set us up for what 's to come. These are the statements of our general mission and objectives, and the values that we are guided by as an
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