Company Analysis : The Mission Of Exxon

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The mission of Exxon is to represent quality, efficiency and competence as a leader in the industry of petroleum. As a growth oriented company, Exxon is committed to excellence, honesty, teamwork, integrity and respect for the environment. Statement of Values Code of Conduct Statement Personal Accountability Exxon 's focus is to maintain an incident free workplace. All employees and contractors are empowered to do the right thing when no one is looking. If they observe an employee misusing, abusing, and /or not practicing safety they are responsible of reporting any behavior that can hinder performance. All employees and contractors will adhere to the critical task checklists to ensure that all procedures and steps are…show more content…
There will be online material and examinations to get recertified on an annual basis. If personnel fails to maintain proficiency on their specific duties and responsibilities they will be retrained. If after re-training is conducted and worker fail to pass satisfactory the examinations they will be relieve from their duties and a change of assignment will be mandated. Cooperative Training In Exxon we focus on training to prevent disasters like the Exxon Valdez. Our commitment is to the environment and our stakeholders. In order to comply to our commitment Exxon will create a disaster simulation training involving all applicable entities that will be conducted every 2-3 years all combined. Also on a yearly basis Exxon will provide appropriate funds for each entity to conduct individual training to become

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