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Wilmott Dixon Group: Construction Company I. Objective This study will examine Wilmott Dixon Group, a construction company and conduct a case study on how the company began, its growth, market, life cycle and will conduct a SWOT and Pestel Analysis. This work will further state a five-year development plan for the company to move forward in a sustainable and fair trade market. II. Introduction Wilmott Dixon construction company states an ambition to "provide sustainable space for people, businesses, and communities to thrive in." (Willmott Dixon Group, 2012, p.1) Wilmott Dixon states that there are various things that make the company unique and for example, Wilmott Dixon is " of the largest privately owned companies specializing in construction, development, and support services…" (Willmott Dixon Group, 2012, p.1) Wilmott Dixon states that sustainability is at the heart of the organization and serves to form the foundation of all company activities internally and externally. Their sustainable development delivery system is reported to be divided into four key categories: (1) putting people first; (2) tackling climate change and energy efficiency; (3) smarter use of natural resources and (4) responsible business. (Willmott Dixon Group, 2012, p.1) III. SWOT The Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of Wilmott Dixon will be examined in this section. The company's strengths are first reviewed. Strengths The first strength of Wilmott Dixon is the

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