Company Analysis : Zie Energy

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Zie Energy is an energy company headquartered in Melbourne. Its significant growth in the past 15 years are mainly based on acquisitions and their customer base has been grown strongly. Acquisitions of the Port Energy and William Energy retail company have enhanced Zie’s customer base up to 1.6 million customers in the past two years resulting in Zie Australia’s one of the largest energy company. Since Zie encountered inconsistent data collection and process problems, Retail Transformation project was launched in 2012 focusing on integrating all of their customer relationship management processes and system. A Customer Relationship based software, SAP system, is used to replace out-of-date billing systems leading to improving business…show more content…
The continuous increase of the customer base affects Zie’s operations. Training and up-skilling 1,500 customer service staff are suggested and the new system and processesneed to be implemented for a smooth transition across Australia.
Legislation in Australia
1. Fair Trading
a. Guarantees, warranties, and refunds - consumers have rights under a national law guarantees consumers’ rights when purchasing goods and services. It also includesthe rights to repairs, replacements and refunds. This legislation can be applied even though they do not have a warranty or extended warranty.
b. Product safety- an individual businessis responsible for ensuring the products comply with Australian product safety laws. This legislationcovers safety standards, bans, recalls, safety warning notices and mandatory reporting requirements.
c. Unfair business practices - this legislation covers information standards, pricing, misleading or deceptive conduct, false or misleading representations, country of origin claims, and Cash-back and free trials and bonus offers
d. Unfair contract terms- a business must ensure the contracts comply with national unfair contract terms laws. Any contracts created from 9 October 2003 to 30 June 2010 in Victoria are subject to Part 2B of Victoria’s Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Act 2012, but any terms changed after 1 July 2010 are subjected to
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