Company Analysis : Zie Retails Operations Customer Service

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Once the new standard fully utilized, the company require making sure that this standard has met with international quality standard. This process will allow top management to guarantee to all customers that Zie Retails operations customer service standard is already meet with global standard in operationsation industry. Utilize outsource customer service professional to establish an audit in Zie Retails operations customer service process will permit the company realize its customer service quality compare with the industry standard. This will make the firm realize their actual customer service performance.
The final stage of this task is to establish continuous improvement awareness in the company. This awareness will encourage every
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Therefore, improving customer service standard and develop customer service process to be more formal will permit the company become one of the best operationsation company in the country.
Arrange a skilful staff with a new staff. The skilful staff can offer the first hand experiences of the company’s operation and of how to perform the tasks in a certain way or method. The skilful staff can also provide the new staff recommendations on how to improve quality services for customers.
We need to organise part of the new staff inductions by ourselves. Organise one of the training programs to demonstrate the new staffs we are devoted to the new staff induction plan. It will also provide us an option to inspire the organisational culture in the new staffs immediately and establish the standards for the new staffs for improvements.
We need to train our staffs to convey welcome with their body languages as well as their conversations. A simple greeting might not contain much if it is from a staff that does not make any eye contacts, smiling, or stand up straight with open body languages.
We should also focus on detailed actions and attitude, such as greeting all the customers with smiling and say hello, helping them to settle down with the new job roles, and making sure their work environment is conformable and
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