Company Analysis : Zie Retails Operations Customer Service

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Once the new standard fully utilized, the company require making sure that this standard has met with international quality standard. This process will allow top management to guarantee to all customers that Zie Retails operations customer service standard is already meet with global standard in operationsation industry. Utilize outsource customer service professional to establish an audit in Zie Retails operations customer service process will permit the company realize its customer service quality compare with the industry standard. This will make the firm realize their actual customer service performance.
The final stage of this task is to establish continuous improvement awareness in the company. This awareness will encourage every member who require participate with customer to always find opportunity to improve customer service process. Continuously improvement of customer service will help Zie Retails operations eliminates its weak point one by one until achieve the best customer service practice. Nevertheless, there is no perfect system due to every system still has room for improvement.
There are six steps for customer service manager to develop a formal Zie Retails Operations customer service strategy and customer service standard. Initiate the six steps that mention above will permit the company address and eliminate the gap between Zie Retails actual customer service process and the company mission to deliver quality customer service. The company already has…
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