Company And Preliminary Accounting Analysis

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Industry, Company and preliminary Accounting Analysis Industry Analysis To start the analysis of the industry, firstly the identification of which industry Blackmores is should be made. Since Blackmores is the company which identified as the natural health company, so the industry that Blackmores involved is the health care sector. Based on the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS), the health care sector could be broken into two broad industries: one is health care equipment and services and the other is pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and life science. And Blackmores would be classified as the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and life science industry which is called biotech & pharma industry. In the biotech & pharma industry, companies usually product three types of products: prescription therapeutics and prophylactics (medicine that treat or cure medical conditions or diseases and vaccines that prevent diseases), diagnostics (devices and tests used to diagnose disease), and over-the-counter consumer products, such as drugs and vitamins. Moreover, some experts also conduct medical technology (medtech) manufacturing under the pharma/biotech industry with sufficient facilities and advanced equipment. As the biotech & pharma industry is a tech-dominated industry, it focus on innovation and research on products but also includes the manufacture and supply. So there are many players involve in this industry. The players could be classified as three main parts:
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