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Company Assessment: AcuScan Part One Analysis Describe all assumptions seen in any of documents provided in the case study. For full credit, provide AT MINIMUM: four to six assumptions held by Kelly; six to nine assumptions held by Pat; two to three assumptions held by Cliff; two to three assumptions held by Chris. Kelly Kelly's assumptions include the idea that customers will not be interested in accepting a staged rollout of any new product, that Pat is too manipulative when it comes to Chris and Cliff (she is trying to get them to show support for a product that she really does not have a good understanding of), that it will be too expensive when it is necessary to create a new version of the product, and that marketers (and most specifically Pat) do not really understand the inner workings of the iScanner and, therefore, will not be able to market it appropriately. Pat The assumptions that are held by Pat include the idea that customer demand will be very high for the product it its first year, and that means the product is worth a significant investment, that Kelly will lead the product development team, that a staged release of a product involving so much technology is completely feasible, and that customers will like the staged release and have a very positive reaction to it. Pat also assumes that the staff that already exists at AcuScan have plenty of spare time for product development, and that Secur-A is most likely developing a product that will be in

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