Company Background Of Coca Cola

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1.1. Company Background
The history of Coca-Cola began in a garden of Atlanta Georgia, US, more than 100 years ago when John Perberton, pharmacist profession, invented the world 's most popular drink 8 Month May 1886, to discover a taste syrup fragrant and delicious with effect tonic stimulating, restorative, that immediately he began to be sold in the soda fountain and the Jacobs Pharmacy. The counter of the soda fountain, Frank Robinson, friend Perberton, was one of the architects of the "miracle" put the syrup Coca-Cola name, thinking that the two "C" to be effective in ads, your handwriting think the logo has been translated into more than eighty languages. In 1988 he sold his rights to Asa Candler for nothing less than $ 2,300 payable in two years. In 1891 Candler I promote COCA-COLA and sold outside the state of Georgia. In 1892 Asa Candler creates The Coca-Cola Company with an initial capital one hundred thousand dollars and the January 31, 1893 inscribes the Coca-Cola brand in office patents of USA to do front to the growing demand for Coca-Cola, Candler wanted a drink that was be unique and original and it was annealed even in the dark.1915 Alexander Samuelsen of Root Glass Company in Indiana, thinking a female silhouette unmistakable design the bottle, which lasts until today. In 1899 Benjamin Thomas and Joseph Whitehead, both of Clatanooga, Tennessee, and Candler signed with the first franchise agreement for bottle and sell Coca-Cola scale. Asa Candler sold Ernest
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