Company Background Of The Drugs Supply Chain Within The United States Essay

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Part A:
Company Background Optel Vision, a division of the Optel Group, is an organization that helps global pharmaceutical companies to comply with legal and regulatory requirements in the area of product serialization and traceability. The organization has regional offices in Canada, Brazil, India and Ireland with a workforce approximated to consist of 500 professionals. OptelMedevon division under Optel Vision focuses on the traceability project. Optel Vision’s mission is to integrate technologies to assure product safety and client business sustainability by putting in place or improving procedures based on ISO and GAMP standards.
Project Goal
This project seeks to provide a snapshot of the drugs supply chain within various acute care centers in the United States. Investigating and reporting the paths that drugs take from their delivery to the acute care center through the administration to the patients helps the organization in tracking the final part of drugs’ movement chain. By tracing this end of the movement chain, the project complements the overall traceability initiative by the organization. This is an improvement of the current process where most companies end the tracking of their medical products once they have reached the health organizations.
Company Objectives:
1. What are the key steps in the medication supply chain from arrival in the hospital to administration to the patient?
2. What are the technologies (companies) used to follow the medication

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