Company Case Study : Halliburton Company

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Company summary:

Halliburton Company is a company that operates in natural gas and oil industry and they provide the following services:
i. Locating hydrocarbon ii. Managing geological data iii. Formation and drilling evaluation iv. Construction and completion of wells
v. Optimizing production on the oil fields.
The company is located in the State of Delaware and it was established in the year 1919 and then incorporated under the law in 1924. It is a global company as it serves the national, major and independent natural gas and oil production companies worldwide.
The company operates under two segments as the base of the divisions:
i. Completion and Production segment ii. Drilling and Evaluation segment
In leadership, the company has the President; James S. Brown, Senior Vice President; Christian A. Garcia, Vice President; Charles E. Geer, Jr, Senior Vice President; Myrtle L. Jones, Chairman; David J. Lesar, Two Executive President; Mark A. McCollum, Vice President and Treasurer; Timothy M. McKeon, President; Jeffrey A. Miller, Executive Vice President; Lawrence J. Pop and Robb L. Voyles

A. Porter Five Forces analysis

i. New Market Entrance
Generally before the company decides to enter into a new business, there are potential and crucial barriers, drawbacks and challenges it faces in the oil and natural gas e.g. the tax compliance and their products are sold in highly competitive markets throughout the world. ii. Supplier Power
There products…

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