Company Case Study: Telecommunication Industry: Ooredoo Company

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Telecommunication Industry: Ooredoo company No other industry touches as many technology-related business sectors as telecommunications. Telecommunication industry started from the past two centuries with limited and high expensive telephones, radio and TVs. The industry has been developed and improved remarkably fast. The demand of using mobile phones is getting increased. The technology growth in compound way which lead to huge acceleration in providing services. The industry market structure is oligopoly that’s because the more control of price and less competitors. In this case study will be discussed the history of telecommunication industry, the main characteristics of the industry and the efficiency of the market. • Telecommunication…show more content…
As Ooredoo being the main telecom company in Qatar. It can be achieved in this company because Ooredoo has been providing a lot of services and good that pleases the client needs at a reasonable price, as well as implementing an international al calls with a price that fit all layers of society, so no one is left out at this point. And the proof of that service Ooredoo company won Capacity Global Carrier Awards for the bringing a strong service in a global marketplace. In addition, Ooredoo give them priority for their customers a Nojoom award, which, clients can gain depending on their bills, and they can be used at a number of their partners. Ooredoo telecom company started locally, but throughout the years they went global and they helped their customers with some social work. For example, Ooredoo launched a campaign to help women overcome the barriers that limited their development, by providing Almasa services in Iraq, MayMay maternal health in Myanmar and Connected women

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