Company Code of Ethics Essay

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Company Code of Ethics

The Company code of ethics will cover all employees within our organization. The Code of ethics is essential for corporations today to remain in business and abide by their federal and state government regulations. Ethical training programs will exist ever corporation and are given to each employee usually the first day of employment and renewed on the annual basics. An ethical conflict occurs when people will encounter situations that they cannot easily control or resolved. In such situations, people tend to base their decisions on their own morality of right or wrong and act accordingly in their daily lives. Morally viewpoint and principles or rules the individuals use to decide what is right and wrong often
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We will have respect for each others and for all our stakeholders. Trust, honesty and integrity are our key values). (Yell Group, December, 2007)

Purpose of the code:
The purpose of an organizations or business code of ethics will be to establish procedures and standards for employees within our corporation’s value and cultures. Employees will comply with all governmental laws and regulations. Promote honesty and ethical conduct for our corporation. Promote an internal reporting system for all ethical violations within our corporation. The Corporation will have the accountability for any adherence within our codes of ethics standards and procedures.

Core values
The corporation core values include general are leadership, integrity (Office Max) core values are (Integrity and accountability, We operate in a way that is ethical and fair We are not just following rules and legal guidelines, but making decisions and taking action based on solid values). (Office Max, Revised April, 2008)
Different professions and originations will have their possess code of ethics. Engineers shall show leadership and have an objective and truthfulness in a professional miner of their reports, and statements, and or testimony. They shall include all information such as reports, statements, or testimony, which should bear the date showing when it was curetted. (Ethics for Engineers, Publication #1102)
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