Company Culture Influences Behavior Within A Company

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Businesses do not exist in a vacuum. It is hard to even imagine one that is completely isolated from external input. In fact, they are constantly subjected to influence from both the outside and the inside. In open systems, a relationship exists between a business and its surroundings in which awareness of that constant input and output is vital. In order for a startup company like Everyday Indulgence to move forward strategically and become successfully established, its leadership must identify and consider both internal and external environments. Stakeholders like employees, owners, and executives within a company as well as the forces that impact the way they behave make up the internal environment. Such forces include the culture…show more content…
Using the example of dessert delivery service, Everyday Indulgence, setting the tone within the startup business is especially important early on, when there are only a few employees. A wide variety of tasks will be shouldered by a small team of people and there is bound to be a significant learning curve. Hiring individuals with values that are aligned with the company’s is a good start and continuous training with an ever present owner/manager will further develop employee confidence and expertise. Mentoring and training employees leads to a desirable output in the form of both product and service, while poorly trained staff produce the opposite. Communication, written, verbal, and in the form of daily staff meetings will foster an atmosphere of teamwork, support, and comradery, whereas lack of communication on such a small team will lead to disorganization and a disconnected feeling among team members. The success or failure of startup companies like Everyday Indulgence is greatly impacted by its internal environment. Also a powerful influence on a company, the external environment, including both the general and task/competitive environments, refers to all outside forces that affect said organization. Some general environmental factors are the following: laws, economy,
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