Company Culture, Leadership, And Employee Welfare

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Family Dollar has developed a reputation for treating its lower-level employees unfairly. The purpose of this paper is to conduct research and offer recommendations for Family Dollar in an effort to reshape the company culture, leadership, and employee welfare. The paper will define and discuss the creation of and/or revisions to the company’s vision, common purpose, stakeholder balance, code of conduct, process integrity, training, and social responsibility strategy. The paper will also cover the importance of and recommendations for ethical and effective leadership. Lastly, this paper will identify and recommend ways to enhance employee welfare and morale through work-life balance, higher wages, and anti-discrimination and
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According to Family Dollar’s website, their current vision states that the company strives “To be the best small-format convenience and value retailer serving the needs of families in our neighborhoods” ( 2014). That statement is highly ineffective.
Next, Family Dollar needs to adopt a common purpose that each person in the company can work towards. A shared common purpose builds trust and honesty and acknowledges the value and contribution of all participants. Furthermore, collective and clear decision-making processes are essential to the successful adoption of common purpose for Family Dollar. Shared goals and objectives, understood and recognized as being important by each employee, leads to improved coordination of policies, programs, and service delivery (Hawthorne n.d.). This all leads to better outcomes for the company.

The stakeholder theory is a theory of organizational management and business ethics that addresses morals and values in managing an organization. Creating a balance of all stakeholders including employees, stockholders, customers, owners, and the community is important. It is recommended that Family Dollar make an effort to consistently and ethically value and balance the interests of its stakeholders in their decision-making process. This will help to redefine the purpose of the company. This balance serves to let stakeholders know that the sole purpose of the company is not to just turn
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