Company: Delta Airline

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Company: Delta Airline

1. What are the major business processes, i.e. operations, the organisation carries out?
Here I did selected Delta Airlines as a company for my research. This company is providing a wide range of the air traffic facilities in different parts of the world. In other words we can say that there are many operational routs of this airline company and all the routes are very much beneficial. Another uniqueness of this company is a verity of airplanes including airbuses and jumbo etc. At this time the company owns more than seven hundred different aeroplanes of different size and capacity. Delta Airline is providing facilities to the people of the world to more from one place to another by air. The services and
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The IT manager of the company is managing all the activities about the information system and for this purpose he is directly connected all the sub offices and departments of the company. In other words, the IT manager is controlling all the procedures and activations from the head office of the company. He is the also responsible for planning and analysis of the information system of the company and the technical and human resource department is designing, implementing and maintaining the information system and other decisions of the company. In other words we can say that the IT manage is governing the information system in the company.

Discuss the system development methodology used? If information systems are acquired from off-the-shelf products, what is the process of procurement that is used in the organisation?

The information technology always require changes and updation time to time, because new technologies and techniques are coming in the market, that’s why, it is essential for the business organizations and companies to change and upgrade their information technology systems. Similarly, the requirements of the people and customers are also being changed with the passage of time and to fulfil the requirements of the customers companies are looking to change and upgrade their information technology system and environment.

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