Company Description Of A Trucking Company

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Company Description
AM Trucking is a trucking company that provides a range of hauling services specializing in rock and production water hauling. The main service provided by this trucking company will be hauling foundation rock for a rock crushing company and delivering it to oilfield production pads and roads. Additional services will include occasionally providing a heavy equipment towing from multiple Oil companies land leases.

Market Place
The market place is the Power river basin in Eastern Wyoming that is in need of trucking companies to sustain the demand required by the oil boom that is occurring in Eastern Wyoming. AM trucking can Fulfill the need for competent, reliable and reasonably priced trucking company. By
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AM trucking strives to provide superior trucking at competitive rates to the oil and gas industry in Wyoming’s Powder River basin.

Market Analysis
Industry Description and Outlook
The trucking industry is the “life blood” of the United States economy. Carrying 9.2 billion tons in freight accounting for a little over 600 billion dollars in total revenue. (7: these numbers represent the trucking industry as a whole, AM trucking will be specializing in a certain field known as “oilfield trucking”. Oilfield trucking is largely dependent on the oil and gas industry, which is continually booming. With fossil fuel rich regions in Wyoming, North Dakota and Texas, the United States is set to surpass Saudi Arabia as the biggest oil and gas producer in the world. (6: p39lj94). With such a positive outlook for the future of the oil and gas industry, it insures a positive outlook for the oil field trucking industry, because everyone needs trucks, from moving rigs and equipment, to hauling oil and water away, and ‘frack’ sand and base rock. “Right now, every company is hurting for that.”(In reference to oil field trucking companies) (7: n5hfx3r)
Target Market
In order to minimize risk, it is imperative to get at least one of these target markets under contract to guarantee work. All of the target markets will be

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