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Company Description

Pictures for Paws is currently under development as a Limited Liability Company animal photography business that provides high quality pictures of all kinds of animals- from house pets to exotic creatures. Pictures for Paws will have two options for photo shoots, on premises or at an agreed location.

Pictures for Paws will have multiple methods to encourage animals to pay attention to the camera and enjoy their visit as well. This business will be located in the Sutro District of San Francisco, California due to its pet friendly Golden Gate Park making it the prime location for a pet-centered business.

The Company’s Mission

Pictures for Paws envisions its mission as providing a peaceful, happy, memorable, place to
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The picture printout options will be discussed prior to the appointment. We will provide as many pictures as requested, but we will have five continuous deals that will offer different combinations of photograph packages including various picture sizes ranging from 5x7 to 16x20.

These combinations will be based on the most popular package deals that people choose when getting photographs done, and each package will be provided for a lowered cost of $200 to $350 ($350 being for the largest print package). Included in the cost will be the 2-hour photography session, photograph editing, a meeting with the photographer to select the pictures you desire for the package, printing and shipping. Framing will be complementary when chosen.

Pictures for Paws plans to reach $50,000 in net profit within the first year of opening, and expects to continually grow in revenue every year – at least a thousand dollar increase each year- until we can comfortably earn $90,000 profit annually. We project to accomplish this goal within four years.

Development to Date

We plan to establish Pictures for Paws in May of 2017. Founded by Rebekah Carter in February 2016, a business plan is being created to determine the direction of the business. Rebekah Carter has been a photographer for four years, and has extensive
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