Company Description Of Pictures For Paws

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Company Description

Pictures for Paws is currently under development as a Limited Liability Company animal photography business that provides high quality pictures of all kinds of animals- from house pets to exotic creatures. Pictures for Paws will have two options for photo shoots, on premises or at an agreed location.

Pictures for Paws will have multiple methods to encourage animals to pay attention to the camera and enjoy their visit as well. This business will be located in the Sutro District of San Francisco, California due to its pet friendly Golden Gate Park making it the prime location for a pet-centered business.

The Company’s Mission

Pictures for Paws envisions its mission as providing a peaceful, happy, memorable, place to come with your animals and leave with the memories in your hand - to never be forgotten. We want to see your animal’s personality shine through each and every photograph so we will be continuously aiming to provide a more comfortable environment for the animals. Our mission objective is to provide families with an enjoyable photography session that results in quality photographs that capture their pet’s unique personality to be remembered for years to come.


Pictures for Paws offers two different options for photo shoots. Customers can choose to bring their animal/animals to the studio for a photo shoot or they may choose a location they would like me to come to do the photo shoot. The first option would run a little cheaper and…
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