Company Description Of The Retirement Industry

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2. Company Description Mission: It is the mission of MBS to provide building services in the newly developed Gungahlin community, North of Canberra, ACT. MBS is a full service design, construction, and property management company. MBS offers comprehensive design, construction, renovation and property management services to our diverse clients. With Mercy Health Community as our sponsor in the newly finished Gungahlin Development suburbs, we will have the best position as the premier builder for the new homes, villas and apartments. In addition we will offer a wide range of pre and post construction services and including the following: • Construction of all type of buildings under different type of contracts. • Design wide range of buildings for different functions. • Obtain Council Construction Approvals. • Renovation and Property Updates. • Property Development and Management. 3. Target Market Description The retirement industry has been growing over the past decades. The percentage of the Australian population over the age of 55 is at its highest of 23% and is growing at an average rate of 3% each year. In certain parts of the country like the NSW and ACT, which has a high concentration of retirement communities, the growth rate is about 7%. Based on recent data published by Australian Bureau of Statistics This percentage is also expected to grow as the first of the "baby boomer" generation begins to reach retirement age in the next decade. 4. Competitive Analysis The
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