Company History: Hornby

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1. Company History In the United Kingdom, Hornby is a known brand in the railway hobby domain. Frank Hornby (1863-1936) formed the patent protected company and ensured its safety by applying for the patents on toys by declaring it as 'Improvements in Toy or Educational Devices for Children and Young People'. Nobody was expecting the model to be as successful as it is today in terms of brand recognition and public loyalty (Foster, 1980). After getting patent rights, the product with the name 'Mechanics Made Easy' was moved into mass production by establishing a company called Meccano Limited in the year 1907. With the establishment of the brand, the company became extremely successful and Frank Hornby had to move his production units to larger areas for mass production after every given interval. Meccano became the leading name of toys in a very short span of time (Foster, 1980). 2. Executive Summary The primary objective of the given marketing plan is to boost up the sales of Hornby railway hobby toy set by applying certain tools and strategies. Some of the core points in the marketing plan are listed below. Brand awareness- enhancing the brand awareness in the casual customer circles Increasing product appeal by enhanced utilization of marketing mix The focus of the sales boosting program would be entire UK market In order to find more prospects of sales development and business growth, the plan will include an environmental analysis, which will cover
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