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It doesn’t matter what you’re running, because whether it’s a web design firm or a large-scale company, your image makes a huge difference. It is what a potential customer or client will see in you, and it is perhaps the most important asset you can have.
Many designers are confused about what company image has to do with them. Image, however, is important for everyone, from CEOs to designers alike. It may be a hot dog stand, or it may be a Fortune 500 company: either way, image must be tackled at some point.
In this article, we’ll tackle company image from head to toe: we’ll showcase a few examples of companies that have done it right, explain how this benefits the web design community as a whole, and finally provide steps you can take
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No one thing can bring about a good company image but one thing can destroy one. Pay very careful attention to your image.
How do Web Designers Apply Company Image?
As web designers, learning about company image is not enough. You must apply the knowledge to your own freelancing business or company. The results are plentiful and great.
Make a great first impression.
Company image gets established at the first impression, and it is important to make a difference when it comes to the first impression. Image is incredibly hard to change after it has been established.
[image] Toyota suffered adverse impacts to its sales after an unprecedented recall.
Toyota, for example, suffered an adverse impact to its sales after problems with its mats, pedals, and other parts of its car lines caused some vehicles to accelerate uncontrollably. This is a prime example of a very bad company image.
Toyota will likely take years to fully recover from the bad PR that the problems resulted. It now generates a negative vibe, and many customers will have a negative impression of the brand. This is bad company image.
Just like a storefront matters immensely to a brick-and-mortar shop, your first impression makes a great difference as well. A website, resume, or CV [link:] are all things that clients, potential customers, or others will see. It’s important
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