Company Infrastructure

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There are certain benefits in having a well set up and thought out infrastructure within a company. However when setting up an infrastructure or changing an existing infrastructure there are a number of things a company should conceder in order to end up with the infrastructure that best works for them and their company.

Business infrastructures usually consist of booth LAN and WAN area networks. Businesses will use a LAN to connect network devices over a short distance, such as an office building or school. Occasionally one building will contain a few small LANs, and sometimes a LAN will span a group of nearby buildings. LANs are usually owned, controlled, and managed by a single person or
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WAN networks basically connect two or more LAN networks (Woodcock, 1999). There for a company can benefit from using a WAN network when they have offices in different cities, states, or countries. It is important for a business to understand how they plan on using LAN and WAN networks when designing an infrastructure that will work best for them. A business infrastructure is generally made up of the processes, procedures, and systems within a company. And if a company is to maintain a competitive edge and stay a step or two ahead of its competitors, it will need to have and maintain a solid infrastructure. When a company has a solid infrastructure they are more likely to see an ongoing improvement with the efficiency of their employees (Hughes & Kaplan, 2009). This is because a solid infrastructure allows employees to better communicate and work more effectively. In order for a company to create or build an infrastructure that will work best for them, there are a few things in which they should address. One thing they should do is to consult with outside resources and customers as well as employees in order to determine what type of infrastructure will best address their company’s needs. The company should be sure to define how they would like the infrastructure to help them in achieving their goals. Find out what it is that their customers need from the business infrastructure, along with what their employees and management will need for the
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