Company Introduction, Market Segmentation & Product Positioning

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Company Introduction, Market Segmentation & Product Positioning
Antonio Sanguinetti
Dr. Eva Ananiewicz
Strayer University
Marketing Management
July 21, 2012

This paper will describe the details of a fictitious company and provided its background and will develop a marketing plan with a focus on segmenting and positioning its product and service. Thirdly, this paper will determine and decide upon at least one (1) foreign market for the product and service.; identify the marketing segment for the product and provide a rationale for this segment and discuss the target market and provide a rationale for this target market. Also, it will perform a SWOT analysis (strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats) for the
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After researching the foreign markets, our department proposes that Canada would be our direction to go with to expand our business. The selection that we made is due to many factors. One of the factors involved is that Canada’s housing starts for 2012 is down by only percentage points. (Centre for the Study of Living Standards, 2012) This allows us to believe that the economy is still strong in the Canadian foreign market. There is new construction going on in Canada and there is potential for the market to go back up.
Discuss the potential audiences for a marketing plan and the needs of those potential audiences.
BACS anticipates that a majority of our clients will be building owners and property management firms contracting on behalf of building owners. BACS expects that the business’ client base will consist of commercial, industrial, and residential clientele. However, we anticipate that its secondary client base will come from the residential arena (homeowners). As time progresses, BACS may engage more complicated industrial and high-end commercial and industrial installations. The first group to be targeted is the owners of homes that are 12-15 years old and the second group is those that frequent the home improvement and construction supply stores.
Identify the marketing segment for the product and provide a rationale for this segment.
The HVAC industry is comprised of companies that manufacture,
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