Company Name And Its Market. The Name Of The Company That

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Company Name and its Market
The name of the company that I would like to work for is called McLaren Health Care Corporation. The one particular part of the McLaren Health Care Corporation that I would like to work for is McLaren Macomb Hospital. McLaren Health Care Corporation is a place that deals with hospitals. They are all around Michigan and they are headquartered in Flint. They are a fully integrated health care network that “ includes 12 hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, imaging centers, the state’s only proton therapy center, an employed primary care physician network, commercial and Medicaid HMOs covering over 250,000 lives, home health care and hospice, durable medical equipment, retail pharmacy services, and a
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Also they throw a community benefit each year to help raise money for the hospitals to continue providing care for the people.
At McLaren Macomb, they are a proud sponsor to many great charities. One of these charities takes place on May 17th and is called Bike Path: Pedaling Ahead Toward Health. They are also involved in the American Cancer Society’s Rally for Life. They are active in the community also by helping the community by giving them facts about being heart healthy so that more people can avoid heart attacks and live longer. They are also involved in the event, Paint the Creek Red, which is to help bring awareness to the community about women’s heart disease. The McLaren Health Care Corporation is involved in many charities to help the community get healthier. McLaren Macomb is one of the proud sponsors for the Tara Grant Run/Walk, which is to help against domestic violence. They are always looking for more charitable things to do to help protect people from getting hurt.
Company Values
McLaren Health Care Corporation does value diversity. They do this by making sure that their leaders adhere the Standards of Conduct. The leaders are “charged with ensuring a culture that promotes high standards of ethics and compliance and with selecting future employees who embody these characteristics” (McLaren Health Care, 2013). The one story that characterizes McLaren Health
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