Company Objectives

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I. Objectives of the following Companies and Organizations


1. To contribute towards the uplift of the quality of Philippine education in identified areas in need of development;

2. To support programs that provide opportunities for expansion of microenterprises and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), generation of employment and livelihood opportunities;

3. To catalyze programs for the delivery of basic social services in its communities; and

4. To contribute towards the renewal and enhancement of societal values.


1. To gain a better understanding of the immediate and long-lasting labour market impact of the global economic crisis in the Philippines

2. To review the policy responses given so far and learn lessons as it
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Most importantly, have fun when doing it. If you enjoy one thing more, you can learn more easily. Just believe in yourself and anything can happen.

1. Satisfying customers (meeting customer needs)
2. Running the business (organising resources in the most efficient and effective way)
3. Beating the competition (strategies and tactics to gain competitive advantage)
4. Achieving corporate objectives


Workplace wellness programs focus on healthy lifestyle choices and prevention of disease and injury. Wellness programs are often offered in partnership with health insurance companies. Companies may contract with businesses that specialize in designing, implementing and operating wellness programs. Employees may choose to participate, but companies usually offer incentives for participation. Companies seek to create a wellness culture through activities, events and online components that encourage employees to track their participation and success.


Companies need to promote and advertise their products and services to build awareness and generate sales. A retail store could advertise in the local papers or on other media platforms. A bakery could invite the local food critic to sample some of its offerings or even to an opening. A management consultant or a tax accountant could coordinate introductory training sessions for small businesses at the
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