Company Overview: Candix

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Candix Firm Candix Company represents a firm that has been in existence since 1976. The company could not function effectively after the death of the managing director in 1995 hence the dormant state of the firm until 2000. In 2000, the company came to functioning after reactivation to offer procurement services to the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. The company experiences numerous aspects of success since the reactivation process. The company operates on three main activities: procurement of goods, engineering projects execution and maintenance, and manufacturing of paving stones. Despite of the rapid growth, the company experiences low profits in the attempt to provide quality services and products to consumers at low cost. This situation calls for application of the lean principle in order to improve the condition of the company. Lean focuses on the delivery of more value in relation to the firm or company, in the process of satisfying the needs and requirements of the firms. Lean principles or policies reflect key management strategies which an organization might decide to adopt in order to effect dramatic transformation to crucial metrics within the structure. Implementation of the lean concepts should occur in the presence of enhancement of the velocity, minimization of the wasteful practices, and balancing of the flow process. Application of lean in the improvement of the Candix's condition should consider meeting the needs of the consumers, increment in

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